Our Story

Let’s start from the beginning, the person who took initiative to start Reason Electronics is Abdul Rehman Talat, former Director Sales and Marketing Orient Electronics. The cause behind his decision to start a separate venture of such distinct nature became Reason’s epic brand tale! After working for the electronics manufacturing giant, Orient Electronic Abdul Rehman Talat sort out grounds of dissatisfaction among consumer base!

Reason is Here To Erase the Void 

Mr. Talat understood that the real issue here is the extraordinary rates yet low quality product. He figured out that the root cause of rates is not the taxation but the commission of the 3rd parties involved between the consumer and the manufacturer. This exact point was persuading him to take an initiative and start his own brand which is a direct link of consumer and manufacturer, without any third-party interruption. 

Outcome of Lifetime Experience

Reason is the outcome of the experience gained through the knowledge of manufacturing and marketing! We are not here to sell our product and keep the high margin profit. We want people to use our high-quality products and become a regular customer.

We Are Here For Commitments

This is not just a one-time sale offer but a lifetime commitment with our customers to provide them high quality products. We don’t own any shops but our only retail shop is our online store. Customers place order online after that, our highly professional and trained mechanics go to their homes for installing appliances like air conditioner or smart LED TV. These high-end products are produced on sold in this particular way for saving the distribution cost. Reason is a smart way of living! We rightfully claim to be more reasonable than overrated and high rated electronics manufacturing brands.

So, “We are not cheap, other brands are expensive.”