What is the Inverter Technology in Air Conditioners?

What is the Inverter Technology in Air Conditioners?

Technology is in a perpetual race. Every day there is a new evolution and innovation, changing our perception of the world. There was a time when the compact and sleek split AC was a new, wonderful thing. People quickly swapped their old and huge window units for a split air conditioner but as with everything today, the technology and the innovation did not stop there.

Next came the inverter technology. Now, when you go to buy an air conditioner or even a refrigerator, whether it is an Inverter AC or not is the first question. However, what really is the inverter technology in air conditioners?

What is it?

It is the latest evolution that concerns the electric motors of the compressor. The inverter is a device that converts frequency. DC Inverter AC’s change their heating/cooling capacity by controlling and varying the power supply frequency to their compressors. This way, any DC Inverter air conditioner like the Reason Air Conditioner adjusts the speed of the compressor to vary the amount of refrigerant flow rate, saving energy and cost.

DC Inverter AC’s are designed keeping in mind the energy saving abilities of the Inverter technology. They can save more than 50% of the energy by their precise temperature control as the unit adjusts its capacity to eliminate any type of fluctuations in the temperature. This keeps the temperature at an optimum point at all times.

What are the benefits of an Inverter Air Conditioner?

DC inverter air conditioners like Reason Air Conditioner come equipped with several advantages for the user.

  • Energy Saving

Inverter air conditioners adjust their compressor speed according to the size, temperature and heat load of the room, saving a substantial amount of energy that is consumed by a traditional non-inverter that runs continuously.consumed by a traditional non-inverter that runs continuously.

  • Efficiency

According to several statistical studies, an inverter air conditioner is more than 7% efficient than a non-inverter, traditional air conditioner.

  • Tailored to Conditions

The heat load of a room cannot always remain the same. It is subject to the weather conditions, the insulation, time of the day as well as the number of people present in the room at that particular time. An inverter air conditioner comes into play in the varying conditions. It adjusts the capacity and tailors the run-time to save maximum electricity.The advantage you ask? This wouldn't happen.

Keeping up with all the latest trends and technological advancements might, at times, appear like a tedious task, but when it comes to Orient DC Inverter Air Conditioners, switching now is the best action you will do for yourself. You will not just end up with a more efficient air conditioning unit but also one that saves maximum costs! 

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