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The Versatility of an Air Fryer – What Can You Make in an Air Fryer


With revolutions in all aspects of life, kitchen utensils have also updated their boundaries. A new device has been the talk of the town these days. We call it The Air Fryer.

The device opens doors to creativity, time management, and versatility. The amazing part is, air fryer prices in Pakistan are reasonable compared to other advanced equipment. Moreover, it is an oil-free cooker! Let’s explore more about the best air fryer and what wonders it can do.  

The Basics of an Air Fryer

If you are into kitchen gadgets, you may already know what an air fryer is. The device is pretty popular in modern times as a healthy food preparation machine.

An air fryer machine cooks food similar in manner to a conventional oven, using hot air. The heating element produces the air while a fan helps it circulate the device. This hot air actually “fries” the food, thus the name Air Fryer.

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Is Air Fried Food Healthy? 

The device cooks food just with hot air, without any oil. This feature makes it a lot healthier than deep frying.

You can prepare fried goods like potato fries and samosas in the best air fryer in a much healthy way. It also preserves nutrients that are otherwise wasted in boiling vegetables for hours. It is open to a variety of ingredient options for beneficial modifications. For example, you can bake bread with whole wheat flour.

What Can You Make in an Air Fryer? 

Well, the device is not only healthy, quick, and convenient but also versatile. You can make anything and everything in it. Simply put, it can replace deep fryers, ovens, microwaves, and pressure cookers! Consider the following healthy air fryer recipes and enjoy any time of the day.  

  • French Fries 

Let’s admit it, French fries are the first thing that comes to mind when you hear an air fryer. It may be because no one can live without fries!

Instead of avoiding fries in your diet altogether, you can healthily consume them with an air fryer machine. Simply place the cut potato slices in the fryer basket and set the timer for a few minutes. The resulting snacks are equally tender and crispy without the extra fats. So, don’t feel guilty for eating fries, make them healthy instead!  

  • Chicken Steaks

Overall baking dishes like chicken, fish, and beef, can all be prepared in an air fryer professionally. This option will help reduce your meal preparation time to half. Moreover, it will promote the consumption of healthy goods in major mealtimes.

Remember that preparing these can be a bit more complex than simple potato dishes. With a little practice and expertise, we are sure you will figure out the best method for your air-fried steaks.

  • Air Fried Vegetables Salad

Vegetables are the forever healthy foods. What makes them more effective is consuming them without oil and heavy boiling. That sounds like a job for an air fryer!

You can cook your vegetables and even top it up with spices and olive oil to make a delicious salad. Do you like them mixed with eggs or potatoes? Toss them all in! The air fryer machine can cook the healthiest salads and vegan recipes for you in a matter of minutes. 

  • Frozen Foods 

We know you have been meaning to ask this question. Yes, you can prepare frozen foods in an air fryer!

Be it chicken nuggets, frozen fries, pizza, chicken wings, or any similar frozen food, you can make it ready to eat within minutes. Brush some vegetable oil onto the frozen item and set the timer on the air fryer for a few minutes. It will produce much crispier and tastier food than on flame.  

  • Garlic Bread

A quick and easy snack for any time of the day, garlic bread is everyone’s favorite. The recipe is as simple as it can be. You can adjust the taste to your liking and make as many batches as you want in a matter of minutes. Place the garlic mixture on a baguette or a bread of your choice and bake it for less than 10 minutes. You can experiment with mixtures and spices to get the bread of your dreams.

  • Chicken Wings/ Drumsticks 

The best thing about making chicken wings in the best air fryer in Pakistan is that they come out super crispy. Compared to a conventional oven, the cooking time is also less than 20 minutes, and that too without preheating.

Marinate the chicken wings with the seasonings for a few minutes (you can also skip this part). Toss the food in the fryer basket and let it cook for at least 15 minutes. Open up and enjoy tender, super-crispy chicken wings with your favorite sauce.  

  • Deserts like Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Another quick recipe to entertain your kids is healthy chocolate chip cookies. It’s a children’s favorite and will become your favorite too due to the easy recipe.

You won’t have to pull out an oven and let it warm your whole kitchen for just a few cookies. Air-fried ones are quick, healthy, and convenient. Even the after-cleaning is facile. All you have to do is place the mixture in small scoops in the air fryer’s basket layered with parchment paper. Set the timer and enjoy your cookies within minutes.  


The air fryer is one of the most versatile gadgets known these days. It has evolved from simply frying to cooking and baking goods to perfection within minutes. The number of dishes and snacks it can prepare is limitless. So, experiment with your favorite recipes and enjoy quick food for life!

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