The Future of Screen Technology in the New World

The Future of Screen Technology in the New World

What is new in the LED TV World?

We spend the majority of our time staring at various screens. From mobiles, laptops to LED TV’s, screen technology has rapidly upgraded in the past decade. Where cathode rays were once the popular new versions of screens and the concept of touch technology was something that could not be fathomed, the technological evolution did not just stop there. Warbled pictures of the 50’s to the Macintosh computers with flexible touch screens, display technology has always been a part of our lives.

Today, we will highlight the five most recent developments in the LED TV industry to help you make your choice when you buy an LED TV online.

Thin and Flexible

The newest screens, whether on computers, mobiles or LED TV’s are all moving towards being as thin and flexible as possible. We see the expression of this is LED TVs as curved edges, edge-lit LED and so many more options that are now available when you buy LED TV online. The latest marketing or industry edge lies in making the thinnest possible LED TV or the AMOLED and OLED TV’s that are flexible as well as thin. This also impacts the LED TV price in Pakistan.

future led tv

The race to manufacturing the first bendable smartphone has already been conquered and now the curved and bendable TV screens are the newest addition to the television industry.

Curved Screens (For Everything)

The second major trend for screen technology has come with the introduction of curved OLED TV or television screens. The LED TV price in Pakistan has gone up immensely with this trend becoming more and more popular. Not just OLED TV, this style and design of curved screens were also seen in computers and laptops.

curve led tv

These TV screens were told to improve the viewing experience for the audience as well as making sure that the picture quality remains the same, no matter what the viewing angle is. The curve is not as apparent when viewed from the front and has a thin layer of carbon fiber that can only be seen as the TV is seen from the side.

4K to 5K

What 4K means is that the device or screen has a resolution of 4000 pixels. When it was first introduced, 4K was the buzz in the world of LED TV’s but now it has now been upgraded to 5K and beyond. The UHD technology in the 4K televisions has enhanced the quality of viewing for the users as well as offering colors and visuals that are more life-like and make for a detailed picture.

3D and Virtual Reality in Television Screens

When talking about the latest inventions and upgrades in the screen industry, how can one forget the 3D and Virtual reality screens that have just now been introduced? The notion of being able to control the image that you view or view a certain program as if you’re a part of it would have seemed like a dream just a few years back. Not so much now.

New products that can change the way we think, view or create have come into play. These 3D screens deliver holographic images that help you view and change every angle and curve in lifelike details.

The screens also allow natural interaction with the 3D content and are built with parallax sensors that respond to the movement of your lightweight, passive glasses.

 Quantum Dot Technology

Quantum Dot first arrived on the scene in 2015 but has recently gained momentum. The technology is just a fancy implementation of the traditional backlit LED TV but boasts of improved picture quality and performance.

These are just five latest improvements in the Screen or LED TV industry. They may just be costly or unthinkable right now, but with how rapid the progress has been for the past few years, we are quite sure that we would be catching up very soon!

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