Reduce your Energy Consumption with Reason Air Conditioner

Reduce your Energy Consumption with Reason Air Conditioner

We have all heard tall claims when it comes to energy saving through air conditioners. Every brand is in a race of percentages to prove just how efficient they are when it comes DC inverter ac’s but how do you know if the claims are really true or not?

Let’s break the DC Inverter AC into easily understandable points.

How do ac’s work?

To understand how they save energy, we need to know how AC’s work in general. Air conditioners use a refrigerant (a gas in low pressure that turns to liquid as the pressure mounts). This refrigerant is compressed and liquefied by the compressor of the ac. It is cooled in the condenser in liquid form and is later allowed to expand and turn into a gas in the evaporator. From Physics we all know that this effect of expansion of the gas causes cooling.

What do we mean by a DC Inverter ac?

Reason air conditioner is equipped with a DC inverter technology. DC Inverter AC’s have the ability to control their cooling (or heat) transferring by a change in the output of the compressor. This rate of change can be altered depending on the heating or cooling requirements of the room. Simply put, Reason AC uses electricity depending on the environments’ requirements only. This change helps reduce cost by almost 60% in the air conditioner.

How to Reduce Energy Consumption?

Even while being energy efficient by more than 60% percent due to DC technology, Reason air conditioner can be used to save even more energy through a few smart ways.

  • Right Capacity: Make sure that you buy the right size/tonnage of Reason air conditioner according to your room size.
  • Optimum Insulation: Before you install the air conditioner in your room, make sure that the walls and ceilings are well insulated so any kind of leakage does not take place.
  • Run at 24 Degrees: We all tend to run our AC’s at 16 or 18 degrees for higher cooling but this only ends up consuming more electricity. Keep your AC’s temperature at 24 degrees at all times to save maximum amount of energy.
  • Schedule Run-Time: Reason air conditioner come equipped with pre-scheduling feature that you can use along with auto-turn off to save maximum power as the ac turns off once you have reached the desired room temperature.

These are all the things that you should keep in mind when you buy AC online. Reason air conditioners are designed keeping in mind all the energy-saving requirements and problems of the common man. We highly recommend the Reason Inverter AC as its compressor functions smartly and conveniently, and does not need energy to go in the activated mode over and over again. This practice saves energy and money while keeping you comfortably cool.

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