Reason: Top Kitchen Appliances Brands in Pakistan

Reason: Top Kitchen Appliances Brands in Pakistan

Top Kitchen Appliances Brands in Pakistan

We all dream of a kitchen where everything is done by the touch of your fingertip and you just sip your tea and relax on the sofa.

Well, this dream could be true with the help of the right home appliances where everything is done in a couple of seconds. That one corner in the house, where most of the time is spent and energy is also exerted, is the kitchen. Nobody wants to spend more than 5 minutes in there. This is why “Reason” has come up with an affordable range of kitchen appliances, which have solid bodies, sleek designs and give you optimum results at extremely economical prices. Although you can find many kitchen products being manufactured by several other brads with smart functions and solid outer body but with a slightly heavy price tag. 

However, you may now avail an amazing opportunity from the summer gala happening right now at Reason’s online store and smartly manage your cooking with the products mentioned below along with their specifications.

2-in-1 Blender and dry mill

Machines have made our lives easier in terms of getting the task done quickly, efficiently and without exerting any energy at all. Talking about machines that help us work in the kitchen, a blender and dry mill is a piece of essential kitchen equipment. 

You can purchase the 2-in1 blender and dry mill from Reason’s official website at a very reasonable price. This piece of machinery can be used to grate and grind almost all hard ingredients such as coconut and spices. This blender and dry mill come with a large fitted bowl, along with removable and stainless steel blades for fine grating and grinding. So now you can prepare your meals by blending pastes for your curries and gravies and grinding your spices for a tasteful kick in your dishes. This sleek machine comes in a white shade with various speed levels and an easy cleaning option.

Food chopper

Chopping and cutting hard vegetables, or mincing meat can be a tedious task. But with Reason’s food chopper, you can now easily chop and cook your meal in less time. The stainless steel body gives this food chopper a sleek look and the 2-speed level along with pulse control prepares vegetable purees and cooked pastes and finely chops meat. Hence this food chopper is a must buy which you can get at a discounted price in the summer gala online shopping.  

The 400W powered motor can process all sorts of ingredients such as bread dough, cheese, meat, tomatoes, garlic, etc. Not only this, its reversible and shredding feature allows you to shred your food in fine threads. Therefore such kitchen items add a lot of convenience to your daily meal preparation relevant tasks.

Hand mixer for the bakers

All bakers must pay attention, as Reason aims to make your baking experience smooth resulting in delicious delicacies. The lightweight hand mixer is a piece of essential kitchen equipment for any baker to beat eggs, prepare cake batters and frostings etc. The ergonomic design of this hand mixer allows the user to explore the 5 levels of speed offering plenty of options along with one button ejection of the whisk. You can now easily prepare your dough’s with the dough hook that comes with it for you to avoid the tedious task of kneading the dough with your own hands. 

Kitchen appliances like these with a 500 W motor allow you to whip, whisk and fold batters and mix in quick time, giving you smooth and sheen textures for perfect baking results. 

Food processor- a handy assistant.

An all in one food processor is the perfect kitchen assistant for a chef where the appliance provides all features such as a blender, juicer, chopper, mincer, grinder and grater. Several kitchen appliances brands in Pakistan have such a range of large-sized food processors with heavy machinery which is difficult to wash and store.

Reason is that one brand in Pakistan has come with a food processor that only has 3 attachments, a grinder bowl, a 1.5-litre plastic blender jar and a chopper bowl with stainless steel blades for slicing and shredding. This food processor has easy assembling and washing, along with 2 pulse control function for fine chopping, mincing and blending. Cooking and preparing meals has now become easy with this useful and affordable machinery.

Make me a sandwich!

No need for takeaways any more, make your favourite sandwich at home with the Reason’s sandwich maker. You can now toast your sandwiches to perfection every time, ensuring your fillings and spreads don’t spill out- all thanks to the auto-lock function. The power and ready light indicators let you know when your sandwiches are done and ready to plate up. 

Some kitchen gadgets in Pakistan, like a sandwich maker, usually don’t have quality cooking plates, as a result, the bread tends to stick to the plates, remains un-toasted and soggy, and your entire mood is ruined. However, with this sandwich maker’s non-stick cooking plates, you can now easily make toastier sandwiches. You can get this via placing order on our official website in black colours which will look good on any kitchen counter.

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