Reason: Smart Android LED TV | Home Appliances

Reason: Smart Android LED TV | Home Appliances

Which is the most affordable LED TV in Pakistan?

Adding some latest and smart home appliances in your household makes it look lavish and luxurious.  These smart technologies make our lives easier and get the task done in no time such as a computer, laptop, microwave, electric kettle, food processor, vacuum, and so forth. On the other hand, some electronics are for entertainment such as smart LED TV, theatrical sound systems, play stations, and many more.

Television over the years

Few inventions have had made some impact on society and television is one of them. The television was invented in the 20th century and has been a source of entertainment ever since. It is that one electronic which every manufacturer aims to upgrade with the latest innovations and technology to stay ahead of others. At first, the TV used to showcase only black and white pictures with blurred pixels, and after a few more years, with the help of the latest innovations, everyone was able to see the true real-life colors of all the characters that appeared on the screen.

The LCD TV was all the rage at the beginning of the 21st century, due to its sleek design and thin body, and bigger screen and also provided better picture quality and sound to give a true theatric experience.

The latest innovation in the television world is the smart LED TV, and you have come to the right place if you have been looking for one. Reason stands to be one of the modern and up to date home appliances brands in Pakistan, with the vision to provide consumers with top-notch and smart solutions for their everyday life.

Reason’s latest smart LED TV

Live streaming has become one of the most desirable features in LED TVs with the convenience of pausing, downloading or recording whatever channel or program you want to watch. Hence the “Striker 32" Smart Frameless LED has got all the features that any other high-end brand could offer you at an affordable smart tv price of just Rs. 21,579 excluding tax. So visit our official website right now for online shopping, to avail an exclusive discount of 29%. Head over to the key features section to find out more in detail about this 32 inch LED tv.

HD picture quality

For a cinematic experience, this modern smart tv promises to display HD quality pictures with clear and crisp images and realistic colours. You can now enjoy your movie time with friends and family without having to go to a cinema. Watch your favourite action movie on a 32 inch widescreen with dynamic picture quality and perfect viewing angles.

The HD feature provides clear sound, canceling the noise, along with clear and brighter pictures with enhanced details for an enjoyable experience.

Smart features that make it smart.

The” Striker 32" Smart Frameless LED” tv is backed up by a power-packed processor, for you to enjoy a high-paced video clip or game without any interruption, making it the best android tv.

Immerse yourself in a dramatic experience with the SRS theatre sound system inbuilt in this modern led android tv. The SRS theatre sound system aims to give the viewer a virtual and surrounded sound effect experience to truly enjoy the sound of the video along with the classic HD display.

This low price led tv is supported by the built-in Android 8 operating system for continuous streaming with a smart-looking interface.

Enjoy streaming YouTube & Netflix Via Mira cast         

A smart tv is characterized by the intelligent features of seamless streaming,  along with multiple connectivity options such as the “Mira Cast”. You simply have to connect your smartphone or tablet with Reason’s smart tv and let it sync with Mira Cast, and open the gates to endless YouTube and Netflix streaming.

This model also comes with HDMI ports and USB ports supported by the latest android operating system so that you can connect your device with the tv for smooth connectivity and display. So enjoy watching videos and movies on this tv with a personalized uninterrupted connection.

Affordable Price Range

With several smart key features to operate with a touch of your fingertip, the prevalent android tv price in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 100,000 and above. However, you can enjoy the same state of the art technology and features under Rs. 50,000 only. This is the ideal time for all of those who prefer online shopping in Pakistan for day-today items and home appliances, to enjoy a mega discount and avail reduced prices only at Reason’s online store. 

Bring this 32 inch led screen to your home right away, set it up in your lounge or your room, and enjoy watching movies, play video games or listen to music. Simply visit the Reason online store and book this television set with a fast track service of dispatching in 24 hours only.

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