Reason Sandwich Maker Meets Your Daily Breakfast Needs

Reason Sandwich Maker Meets Your Daily Breakfast Needs

Sandwich makers and breakfast? Tell us a better combination! The job of a sandwich maker is to help you prepare a good sandwich and Reason sandwich maker takes the job very seriously. Without the hassle of multiple appliances and tools, with sandwich makers, your breakfast is prepared within minutes.

Busy mother? Bread lover? Or a hungry teenager? We have you all covered! Here are three distinct and different recipes that you can make using only Reason’s Sandwich Maker and just a few ingredients that are always readily available in your pantry or your kitchen. 

Hamilton Beach Sandwich

sandwich maker

This is a crispy but gooey sandwich that can turn your mundane breakfast into a gourmet meal, fit for kings!


2 slices of Bread

One Egg

Cooked Chicken/Beef Filling of your choice

A slice of Cheddar Cheese


    Reason Sandwich Maker


    Place one slice of bread in your sandwich maker and top it with your cheese slice and filling.

    Crack an egg on top of the filling or you can also add in a pre-cooked one.

    Cover with the second slice and let your sandwich maker do its magic.

      Easy Hash Brown Breakfast Sandwich

      If you look breakfasts as much as us and don’t want to get your nutrition from the sugar-laden slices of bread, this option is the one for you! Full of protein, it keeps you full for longer and starts your day in the best possible way.


        Pre-made or semi-cooked Hash Brown mixture

        An egg

        2 tomatoes

        Fresh Spinach

        Salt & Black Pepper


          Reason Sandwich Maker

          brown sandwich



          Put half the hash brown mixture at the bottom after spraying a little oil on the surface.

          Add in your tomatoes, spinach, and egg.

          Sprinkle salt and black pepper, as desired.

          Top with the remaining hash brown mixture and let it cook!

          Strawberry Stuffed French Toast

          This recipe is ready to take your ideal French toast to the next level by stuffing it with strawberries and Fresh Cream.


          2 Pre-made French Toasts

          4 medium-sized strawberries

          1 Tbs Cream Cheese

          1 Tbs Heavy Cream

          1 tsp Vanilla Essence

          2 Tbs Sugar

            strawberry stuffed sanswich



            Reason Sandwich Maker


            Make sweetened cream cheese by mixing together cream cheese, heavy cream, vanilla, and sugar.

            Wash and prepare the strawberries by slicing them.

            Line your sandwich maker with the pre-made French toast, top it with the cream cheese mixture, and then the strawberry slices.

            Finish the sandwich off with the remaining slice of French toast and cook until the sandwich maker signals that they’re done!

              These are three recipes that we have compiled and require very few ingredients and your trusted Reason sandwich maker. These are your solution to the ‘What’s for Breakfast?’ question for those lazy Sundays when all you want is to make an extravagant breakfast with just a few simple ingredients!

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