Reason: Best AC For Summer 2021 | Home Appliances

Reason: Best AC For Summer 2021 | Home Appliances

Choose The Best AC This Summer

Have you been dreaming of an air conditioner that is energy efficient, has an airflow that spreads cooling in the room evenly, with excellent cooling and can be purchased in an economical price range? Then you have come to the right place, as we are about to share with you some of the best AC options for your home this summer.

Reason is an online home appliances store where you can view the specifications and smart functions of each appliance along with customer reviews and feedback to build a strong customers relation platform. Along with that, the increased 1-ton ac price in Pakistan prevailing now, we offer you AC options for your room under affordable prices as compared to other brands in Pakistan. So without further ado, let’s review the specifications of the air conditioners to make your online shopping experience fruitful with us.

Reason Ac

Why chose DC inverter AC?

DC inverter technology is the latest innovation nowadays when it comes to air conditioners as they are energy efficient and allows efficient room cooling. The benefit of a DC inverter is that regulates the temperature of the compressor without having to power down its motor. Hence this technology makes the ac more energy efficient and power saving.

Pioneer 1 Ton DC Inverter Air Conditioner

The pioneer 1 Ton DC inverter, has the price of Rs 62,999 which is far more economical than the 1 ton AC’s supplied by other home appliance brands in Pakistan. The key features of the AC are as mentioned below:

  • DC Inverter Technology
  • Lifetime warranty of compressor
  • Compatible with UPS and generator
  • Operated at low voltage
  • Gives a 4D Air Flow

So what else would you want in ac in Pakistan with these amazing features, under this strikingly affordable price. This model of DC inverter AC provides 3 times faster cooling, i.e. at a rate of 835 mph. Not only this, now you can have a sound sleep in a chilly room where this ac brand in Pakistan is 50% quieter, operating at only 45 dB.

The 1-ton ac price of this model comes with great money-saving features at the same time, which includes a lifetime compressor warranty, and a 1-year warranty of its parts and gas filling.

reason Ac/dc

Leader 1 Ton Smart DC Inverter Air Conditioner

This latest addition to our collection of AC’s at our online store includes this super sleek and smart “Leader 1 ton DC inverter”, at just a 1-ton ac price of Rs. 52, 289.

The key features that make it an ideal purchase for summers are as below:

  • Bigger indoor unit for efficient functioning
  • A 4D airflow for even room cooling
  • Low voltage consumption to reduce your electricity bills
  • Up to 80% energy saving

This is an ideal purchase for spacious areas of the home such as lounges and drawing rooms, where the large indoor unit and the 4D airflow function allows cooling at a faster rate and a wide-angle.

Not only this, the smart feature of this air conditioner allows you to keep a track of the cooling controls to save energy and voltage consumption, resulting in reduced electricity bills.

Optima 1 Ton DC Inverter Air Conditioner

The optima 1 ton DC air conditioner is the most popular item at our online store. The features that make it so popular and demanding amongst the consumers are:

  • Inverter technology
  • Low voltage operation
  • Ideal for both hot and cold kinds of weather
  • Free Delivery and Installation
  • Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

Save your money by purchasing this model for your room at an affordable ac price. This air conditioner is a double saver as it’s useful for both hot and cold weathers. It provides 3 times more cooling and works 50% quieter along with being one of the best eco-friendly and energy-efficient home appliances.

Another feature that makes it a hot seller is its smart feature of correspondence with the consumer and the unit itself. The consumer can interact with the unit via its application software called “Mevris”, where you can remotely operate the AC and control the temperature as well.  This app also gives you a complete insight into the self-diagnostic features along with cooling and cost predictions for better energy-saving options.

Online shopping

Free Delivery with reason

Reason is one of the leading online home appliances platforms in Pakistan, where you can quickly skim through the key features and usage of the appliances it offers including ACs. the online shopping feature is efficient enough, so much that whenever you place an order on the official website, the order is processed to be dispatched within a window of 24 hours. Not only this, our brand has the facility of cash on delivery payment mode, to make payments easier for the consumers. Our return and exchange policy is also very flexible in the sense you can exchange or return the order within 7 days.

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