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Ironing Made Easy: Tips and Tricks for Using a Dry Iron Effectively


Many people simply skip ironing clothes because it is too much work. We won’t say it’s not; it definitely is. But what if we say you can make the task much less struggling?

Yes, it is possible! And the answer lies in using dry iron

This home appliance is inexpensive but highly useful for every house. Dry iron presses clothes smoothly and professionally. Try these advanced tips and tricks to boost the process.

First and Foremost: Choose the Right Iron 

We know that you are using dry iron, but knowing that is not enough. There are dozens of types and qualities in iron. The sole product can smoothen your clothes or burn them to hell.

Buy dry iron online with an array of features, most importantly, adjustable temperature settings. It is better to select the device with more power wattage. Additionally, go for one with non-stick plate material. This is crucial to get burn-free, straight garments.

As dry irons are already heavy, choose a device with small to medium handle sizes, especially if you have small hands. Getting a dry iron with a brand warranty is a plus point.

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Keep Your Iron Clean 

The iron surface must be completely clean to provide the best experience. Any dirt, debris, or signs of old burned fabrics can stain your neat clothes.

Self-cleaning irons are a great help. However, a simple one can be easily cleaned at home. You can do so by applying distilled vinegar on a towel and scrubbing it. If you don’t have vinegar, baking soda can work as a replacement.

Select a Smooth Surface

For ironing, these background preparations are vital. A medium-hard surface without any bulges or creases is best for using your iron. More hard surfaces have greater chances of burning. Similarly, smooth foams like beds won’t create straight garments.

Set Temperature per the Fabric Type 

Dry iron online comes with wide temperature ranges. What temperature you need to set depends on your clothes fabric. Delicate fabrics like net or chiffon require lesser heat settings. Cotton and wool finish professionally only in high temperatures.

Start at Lower Heat 

Always start at a low temperature even if your clothes require more heat. Then gradually increase the temperature level till you feel your clothes are best pressed. This approach nullifies the chances of burning accidentally at the start.

Water or Steam for Stubborn Clothes 

Keep a spray bottle alongside your iron table at all times. When you are struggling with stubborn wrinkles and creases on cotton, spray some water and press the garment. The result will be astonishingly efficient.

Another similar method is to place a damp cloth on top to moisten your clothes. This helps the fibers relax and respond when ironing. Beware, soft fabrics may not work with this hack.

Iron Inside Out

Delicate fabrics and prints don’t respond well to ironing. They will either stick to the device or burn it.

For such clothes, turn them inside out. The best dry iron in Pakistan will efficiently press these prints while preserving patterns and vibrance. This trick also works for other unique fabrics like velvet or heavy wool.

Two-in-One Tasking

What’s better than completing a task? Completing two tasks at the same time!

Ironing can be made fun and super practical by entertaining yourself while you’re at it. Turn on the television or YouTube and binge-watch your favorite serial while ironing. This is super productive and you won’t even feel like working.

Some Additional Tips 

  • Give your clothes a shake before drying to minimize creases
  • Wash fewer loads of clothes to get them less wrinkled
  • Hang your clothes as soon as you press them
  • Don’t leave pressed clothes on the bed or iron stand
  • You can press minor ends with a hair straightener during tough days
  • Try a hair dryer on max heat to iron clothes when in hurry


Ironing can be made fun and quick when you know the hacks to it. We have presented a list of them so everyone who hates pressing clothes can be a little relieved.

All these tips and tricks work better when you have the best dry iron in Pakistan. So, consider factors like power, design, and device features to select your gadget. You can also buy dry iron online from a quality manufacturer, such as Reason by Orient. Our home appliances are made with advanced technology and ergonomic design to deliver the best modern-day results. After all, it’s all about looking the best out there!


Why use a dry iron?

Using a dry iron over the steam one is beneficial in many ways. The hard press feature of dry iron straightens creases more efficiently, even the stubborn ones. These pressed clothes last all day without wrinkles. Moreover, dry iron price in Pakistan is inexpensive compared to steamed iron.

How to iron wool clothes? 

Before ironing, make sure the wool garment is safe for ironing. Check the inside label or tags for special instructions, like “Do not Iron.” When you are good to go, prepare the fabric by sprinkling some water. Dry iron your wool clothes carefully with medium pressure.

Is it better to iron clothes wet or dry?

You can iron both dry and damp clothes. The best way is to iron slightly damp clothes. However, we don’t recommend ironing soaking wet clothes as it may leave stains on garments.

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