Hair Dryer Tips

How to Use Hair Dryer Without Damaging Hair – Hair Dryer Tips

Everyone deserves good hair days. If you think that these only happen for a day or two at the salon, you are wrong. Everything comes at an expense, and more than money, time is the best investment.

Quickly busting the hot air to your get hair dried won’t do any good to them. In fact, it may do more harm than good. If you want that sleek, elegant blow-dried hair, you need to consider some tips and thought during the process. Also, investing in a quality hair dryer machine can be healthy.  

Does Hair Dryer Damage Your Hair?

As everyone says heat damages hair, it is true to some extent. Excessive heat from devices like hair dryers can damage your hair. It weakens the hair strands and may fade off your hair color. Also, applying hot air every day can scrap the natural oils of your scalp. This, in turn, leaves your hair dry, rough, and frizzy.

However, there’s more truth to it. All of this happens ONLY if;

  • You’re using a low-quality device
  • You’re blow-drying the wrong way
  • You are using it more often than you should

There’s a way of using every tool rightly. Consider some tips if you want to reduce the damage to your hair and get the most out of hair drying.

Tips for Using a Blow Dryer Without Damaging Hair

  • Get a Quality Hair Dryer Machine

You may least consider it, but buying a quality device can help more than just save your time. It dries hair more efficiently, minimizing the risk of damage. Get the best hair dryer in Pakistan if you want the best results. You can buy a hair dryer online at Reason for the best quality on a budget.

  • Don’t Skip Conditioner

A hair conditioner can protect your hair from heat damage. Get a natural, sulfate-free conditioner for regular use. We also recommend deep conditioning your hair every once in a while, for better health.

  • Air or Towel Dry First

Try to remove as much water from your hair as possible before stepping outside. Wait for a few minutes to let the air hit them. Now, towel dry the hair by pressing (not rubbing) gently. Get an ultra-soft microfiber towel to do so. These items are not hard on hair and complete the job more than just fine.

  • Don’t Use Very Hot Air

Hair dryers come with heat control settings. You can set it on very hot air to bone-dry your hair quickly or use cold air for relaxed drying. Hot air may seem quick but it also damages quickly. Use your device at a medium heat setting as often as you can.

  • Avoid Blow Drying Every Day

Everything comes with a limit, beyond which it goes bad. Blow drying is also good until you don’t overdo it. Even if your hair looks awesome this way, avoid blow-drying them every day or so. It can expose them to immense hot heat that will damage the scalp even if you use preventive tips.

  • Use Natural Hair Masks

Home-made hair masks or organic market ones can restore your hair health. Choose vegan hair masks or plant-based oils to make your hair strong, sturdy, and bulky.  

  • Eat a Hair-Healthy Diet

Every tissue and organ in your body works only as nicely as the nutrients available to them. Your hair also works the same way. Give them the necessary strength by eating a high-protein, balanced diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to blow dry hair? 

It takes usually 20-30 minutes to blow dry your hair. You can dry them even faster if you are running late, but that may result in more damage. Also, curly hair takes more time to dry.

How often should you use a blow dryer?

It is best to blow dry your hair once or twice per week. Don’t use it regularly otherwise your hair might lose its natural moisture.

What is the healthiest way to dry your hair?

Letting your hair dry from room air is the best way to keep its natural health. However, some experts believe that you should combine air drying and blow drying for the best results. Don’t forget, you must blow dry your hair at medium temperature. 

How to blow dry curly hair

Remove the extra curls with a big-tooth comb first. Start from the tight curls and dry each section one by one. It is better to let at least 20% of your hair dry naturally.  


Blow-drying hair can go right and wrong depending on how you do it. It requires precision and basic knowledge to operate the gadget the right way. If you want to get the best results from your hair dryer machine, consider some tips and give your hair some time to mold accordingly. Remember, getting the right tool is also necessary. So, get your hands on the best hair dryer in Pakistan at Reason by Orient.

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