How to Recognize Basic Air Conditioner Problems?

How to Recognize Basic Air Conditioner Problems?

Air Conditioners are the most frequently used electrical appliances especially in countries like Pakistan where summers are hot as well as humid. Being a staple electronic device, the cost of purchasing a new one every season could be a huge burden. This is where AC maintenance comes in. 

While it is strongly advised that you contact a trained professional to maintain your air conditioner before you start your air conditioner at the start of every season, there are some very basic problems that you can get fixed easily if you have some knowledge about what is wrong

1) Not working at all

The first thing to do here is to check the power source and whether it is turned on or not. If the power is turned on and the air conditioner still will not start, you next need to check the circuit breaker. A triggered circuit breaker or a blown fuse could also be the reason behind your air conditioner not turning on at all. 

If none of these are your air conditioner problems, you should consider a short circuit in the internal wiring and call a professional for help. 

2) Running but Not Cooling 

There are instances where your air conditioner might be running and consuming power but still not cooling up your room. In this case, the problem could also be the imbalance in the room and air conditioner size. In some instances, if your air conditioning unit’s capacity is not sufficient to cool the total area of your room, it will not work adequately. Another issue could be a dirty filter. You need to keep your indoor unit’s filters clean and free of all debris and dust to achieve optimum operation. 

A good check in this regard is to look for ice around the coil or on the air handler. The cause of ice on the unit is usually reduced air flow due to dirty filters, coils or low refrigerant levels. For refrigerant levels, expert opinion is necessary though.

 Air Conditioner not Blowing Air

The first reason for this can be that the indoor evaporator coil may be dirty or frozen up. Dirty or frozen coils reduce the air flow of the air conditioner, causing it not to blow air properly. Another reason that the air flow of your air conditioner could be affected is when the belt that connects the motor and the blower is broken. It could be easy to replace if you have some experience with it but in case that you do not, it is advised that you contact a professional.  

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