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How to Clean your Air Conditioner’s Outdoor Unit

Steps to Clean your Air Conditioner’s Outdoor Unit 

Summers are fast-approaching and with them comes the Air Conditioner season. Your AC’s outside unit has been lying outside for a number of months, collecting all the dirt, debris, leaves and dust from the open setting. A thorough cleaning of your AC is due but the question is, why and how?

Your air conditioner cheap air conditioner in Pakistan may be as efficient as Reason AC but it still needs to be cleaned and maintained to remain in top condition and give you the cooling you desire.

Why is Cleaning your Outdoor Unit important?

Both the compressor and the condenser are located in the outdoor unit. The fins of the condenser are responsible for dissipating heat from the Reason AC into the environment. The hotness from the indoor atmosphere is absorbed by the refrigerant which is then channeled to the outdoor unit whose main job is to release the hotness of the refrigerant to the outside atmosphere.

This is where the condenser fans come in too. They help in blowing the hot air through the coils, through which the refrigerant flows.

If your AC’s outdoor unit is dirty and the movement of air is obstructed, the amount of time that it will take for the refrigerant to remove the heat would automatically be increased. This will, in turn, affect the functioning of the AC.

How to Clean your Outdoor Unit?

Step 1: Safety Comes First


switch off reason ac

Switching off your air conditioner is the first order of business. As with any electrical appliance, it is important that you ensure your safety from electrical shocks by making sure that the air conditioner is unplugged and the power turned off before you proceed any further.


Step 2: Vacuum the Fins

Using a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, clean your AC’s outdoor fins. The fins are very thin metal pieces and it is important to clean them delicately and by keeping the pressure low. You need to clean both horizontally and vertically until no dust or debris shows on the unit.

Step 3: Unscrew the Metal Sheet to take out the Fan


back of reason outdoor  

Using a screwdriver, you need to remove the top metal sheet of the outdoor unit. Before you can get to work on cleaning the fins, you need to remove any electrical equipment from the unit. This includes the fan. The fan is attached to the condenser so you wouldn’t be able to completely detach it but you can check your product’s manual to make sure that you use the safest way to take it out of the unit.

Step 4: Rinse and let Dry


wash your reason outdoor 

After removing the fan, use your hose to spray the outdoor unit at a low speed from the inside out and detach any tough dirt of stuck debris from the fins. Keep cleaning the outdoor unit until the fins look clean. Once you’re through, let the unit dry completely.

Step 5: Re-attach all the Parts and Turn the Power On


reason dc inverter

Once your outdoor unit is dry, just reattach all the removed parts of the air conditioner the same way as you removed them. Make sure everything is completely secure and dry before you turn on the power. If your air conditioner is having any more troubles, don’t hesitate to call the professionals.

If you follow all these instructions and keep yourself secure in the process, we will ensure that you will have a clean Reason air conditioner that works as efficiently as if it was new.

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