How To Clean AC Properly, A Detailed Guide

How To Clean AC Properly, A Detailed Guide

Air conditioners are one of the most important home appliances which are a compulsion to keep. This essential keeping home appliance need service every once in a while. If you will know how to clean ac properly then you will be able to save your money and your air conditioner will work more efficiently. Usually people ignore the requirement of cleaning their ac and then suffer the circumstances such as, lack of proficiency or some other functionality related faults. So, it’s better to clean your ac yourself. Here is a proper method which will help you to clean your ac.

Wrap a cleaning bag around ac

For avoiding the dust to spread on the other interior or wall of your room, make sure to cover your air conditioner with a cleaning bag. You can either purchase the cleaning bag or if you have any large plastic bag then make sure to wrap is around the air conditioner properly.

Turn off the power source

Fluctuation in the voltage can result in a very indigenous way. If you want to clean your air conditioner without causing any trouble then make sure all the sources of the electricity are shut off and unplugged. After assuring this, open the front panel of the air conditioner to start the cleaning process.

Air filter removal

Some of the people might have thought that the answer to this question how to clean ac is,” remove the air filter, clean them and put them back after drying them.” No there is a lot more to do, remove them and clean the separately. You can take help from the user manual as well.

Blow the dust

After cleaning the air filter blow the dust from the cooling fins. You can use the thick canister attachment to your air blower easily to clean your ac cooling fins.

Clean the coils

With the help of a no rinse spray, clean the coils in detail This is an evaporating cleaner if you don’t have it, it’s available on stores. After applying this on the coil, let them dry. Anti-fungal cleaners could be your first priority, these are the best to be used on the air conditioners.

Clean the drainage pipe

To remove the clogging, you need to make sure the drain pipe has no material left in it. So, clean the drainage pipe of the air conditioner to completely clean your air conditioner.

Reattach and assemble

After the air conditioner is clean and dry, now the next thing is to adjust the air filters back. After attaching them now you can also remove the dust bag, close the front panel and plug in the air conditioners switch. Turn on the air conditioner and see how it is working!

These were some of the simple steps of how to clean ac, you can easily follow these steps to have a clean and more efficient air conditioner!

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