Everything to Know About Reason LED TV

Everything to Know About Reason LED TV

The Latest Reason Smart LED TV Blowing Minds with its Stunning Features

Reason, as a brand, has seen tremendous growth in Pakistan over the past few months. When the D2C (Direct to Consumer) company was first launched, the traditional LED TV did very well and consumers were amazed by the variety of electronics offered. On popular demand, the brand is now adding to the collection with the new best LED TV in Pakistan, Striker.

The newly launched Smart LED TV comes in both 32-inch and 40-inch sizes and is equipped with efficient and smart features that are stunning and provide visuals that are unique but detailed.

What are the Features?

 The 32-inch LED TV is frameless while the 40-inch LED TV has a sleek frame. The LED TV boasts of a number of other additional things that the consumer is bound to be interested in.

1) High Definition Resolution

Both the 32 and 40-inch LED TVs to come with HD resolution. The HD resolution includes 1280x720 pixels. The resolution is the number of lines in an image. Devices that can fit the maximum number of lines into the screen provide a better quality of picture and a detailed image.

2) Screen Mirroring with Miracast

The smart TV comes with a new connectivity option. The screen mirroring technique, aided by Miracast, allows you to easily mirror your phone onto your television screen. In this way, you can easily access all your mobile apps on the bigger screen and control them easily. This option basically allows you to connect your phone and your LED TV successfully.

3) Plethora of Amazing Built-In Apps

The smart LED TV also comes with a number of new and amazing built-in apps that are geared towards maximum opportunities for unlimited entertainment for the user. You can stream as many videos as you want with YouTube and Netflix or download any other apps with the Google Play Store.

4) Ample Storage and Memory

Storage and memory are both important in smart LED’s because if you take the internet out of the LED TV, you will end up taking the smartness right along with it. The active use of the internet needs memory and storage space to work to its full potential. Reason smart LED TV has been designed keeping this in mind as the new LED TV offers 8GB of storage and 1GB internal memory.

5) Loud but Clear Theater Sound

Reason LED is the perfect amalgamation of stunning visuals and theatric sounds that stun the user with its quality. You can now sit back and enjoy the experience of a movie theater right from the comfort of your couch.

All these features are just a small measure of the magnificence of Reason’s Striker LED TV with its multiple options that help you view content in the most real form possible

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