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Essential Accessories to Pack on a Long Stay Trip

Going out of town for long demands extra care and protection. This means keeping all the essential accessories with you so you won’t face difficulties in a new area. Better and more effective gear equals a smoother, hassle-free journey.

Reason recommends keeping a checklist of your items before you start packing. Do all this while keeping the luggage weight in check. To save you time, we have updated a quick travel list for you to review before planning your trip. So, let’s dive in!

Home Accessories:

If you are staying in an Air BnB or a family cottage, you may not have everything like that in a hotel. Although you will have the basics like furniture, Television, refrigerator. What you need are home appliances to make your life easier and more comfortable like home.

     1. Bedding Essentials:

The bedding is like our comfort space. Many people have difficulty sleeping in a different bed than their own. You can’t just take your bed somewhere, but you can surely carry its accessories like a blanket and pillow.

     2. Clock:

Mobile phones are here but nothing can replace the importance of clocks. If you want to set up a schedule and be punctual, take a wall clock, an alarm clock, or both with you.

     3. Dry Iron:

Iron is the essential thing everyone needs when away from home. Your clothes won’t come out wrinkle-free magically out of your suitcase. You need to take a dry iron or a steamed one with your luggage.

     4. Portable Air Conditioner:

The season doesn’t matter when you feel suffocated. Whether you are traveling to a hot or cold climate, take a portable air conditioner or fan to get away from a muggy situation.

Kitchen Appliances:

If you plan to stay for long and keep healthy, you must have some kitchen accessories to assist. Like home basics, you will find a few essentials in the kitchen also such as a stove, microwave oven, and refrigerator. These things may not be enough to save you enough time to relax. Therefore, it’s better to keep some time-saving gadgets to make food preparation easier.

     1. Juicer Blender:

A juicer blender will efficiently get you ready-made food so you can save time for enjoying. You can also get a chopper or simply a food processor to get all your needs sorted at once. A hand blender is another great option for low-luggage capacity.

     2. Sandwich Maker:

While traveling, portable foods like sandwiches and pasta are the best. You can take them hiking, sightseeing, and other activities as standby snacks. Thus, getting a sandwich maker or toaster will be a smart choice for your journey.

     3. Coffee Machine/Electric Kettle:

A tea or coffee person cannot function for a day without a hot beverage. Save time rushing to a café and get your coffee machine or electric kettle inside the suitcase. Wake up to the morning drink while you plan the day's activities.

     4. Air Fryer or Cooker:

A stove is not enough to prepare your meals. You need to have a pressure cooker or an air fryer with you. However, these devices may be heavy. So, consider buying them online once you reach your stay area.

Mobile Accessories:

No one is going to skip communication devices while they travel! Some best mobile accessories make it easy to endure different situations. You can explore the best features of your smartphone with the right supporting gadgets at hand. Also, you must have these things to keep connected to the rest of the world.

     1. Mobile Charger:

Some people consider their mobile chargers equal to oxygen. You can’t use your smartphone without it. Consider taking an extra pair of data cables or even a portable power bank so you’ll be prepared for the worst situations.

     2. Earbuds:

Wireless or wired earbuds will help you enjoy music even in a loud city. You can talk to your friends or listen to your favorite sounds on a long flight. Wireless earbuds may be a better choice for walking around the town.

     3. Bluetooth Headphones:

Headphones are another sound device that provides better quality music. Their noise cancellation feature is incomparable and so does their microphone. Bluetooth headphones or neckbands are more preferable in terms of being travel-friendly and their ease of use.

Personal Care Products:

Personal care products are the first ones we pack wherever we go even if it’s a 2-day trip. So, we are sure you won’t forget them. Just as a reminder, you should consider the following essential beauty and personal care tools in your luggage.

     1. Toiletries Bag:

A toiletry bag will keep all of your toiletries organized and in one place. It includes your bathroom supplies, skin care products, toothbrush, hair gels, and more. You can also keep your eye mask and similar traveling tools in the bag.

     2. Trimmers:

Both men and women know the importance of a shaver. It can be a razor, men’s trimmer, cutter, and epilator for women. No matter where you go, be prepared with your hair grooming tools to rock every style every day. However, keep in mind to keep these tools in your luggage bag, not in hand carry.

     3. Hair Stylers:

No one skips a hair dryer when traveling, and that’s completely fair. It can dry as well as style your hair in minutes. Ladies can also pack a hair straightener to make every day a good hair day. A hair curler also is a great option if curls suit your personality. Both these will give you on-fleek, manageable hair to rock in the travel pictures.


When packing for a long-stay trip, it's important to bring along the right travel accessories to make your journey as comfortable and convenient as possible. If you are staying in a non-assisted space like an air BnB, consider packing items like kitchen appliances and home accessories. You can buy these other personal care products online in Pakistan at Reason by Orient. Keep this checklist with you before packing your supplies and get ready to enjoy a trip of a lifetime.

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