Different Modes on Reason Air Conditioner’s Remote Control

Different Modes on Reason Air Conditioner’s Remote Control

Air Conditioning Setting Symbols Explained

With constant technological advancements in the air conditioners, one might get confused with all the terminology and symbols on your air conditioner’s remote. Reason air conditioner remote is equipped with several features for your convenience. There are not just simple cool modes, fan speed, and heat mode, but many other symbols that can be confusing sometimes.

In this article, Reason will talk about various settings of an AC remote. Keep in mind that there are literally hundreds of AC manufacturers out there. Each of them designs their own remote with different technical jargon and names.

Let’s dive right into it.

Cooling Mode

This is the most common setting of any air conditioner. Most of us are familiar with this setting. In this mode, the compressor in your AC pushes the cold air into your room. When the AC senses that the desired temperature is attained, the sensor in AC shuts down the compressor and only the fan runs. This is the most energy-efficient mode on your air conditioner remote.

Fan Mode

In this mode, you can use your AC just like a normal fan. When you activate this mode, the internal fan in your air conditioner will circulate the air in your room. The key advantage of fan mode is energy-saving because the compressor does not work in the fan mode. Bear in mind that this mode will not offer any cold or hot air, but would only just blow air out.

ECO Mode

This is one of the most beneficial modes to have in your AC. Almost every modern air conditioner has it. The mechanism of this mode is to regulate your compressor and fan of your air conditioner to the minimum energy consumption.

When your AC achieves that temperature, the compressor is turned off but the fan continues to work to maintain the desired temperature. This whole procedure is very energy efficient.

Heat Mode

This mode is the reverse engineering of cool mode. In heat mode, hot air is introduced into your room that usually is blown out. On the other hand, cold air is ejected outside. This is how the whole airflow process is reversed.

Just like the cold air, hot air is also provided by the compressor. This mode is perfect for colder weather, making it a perfect replacement for gas heater without any hazardous gas emission.

Turbo Mode

This mode is the exact opposite of the ECO mode. It goes all out at once achieving the desired temperature in the shortest time possible. Your inverter uses the maximum power with compressor and fan operating at full tilt. This mode is also known as jet or power mode.

Turbo mode is ideal when you have extreme weather conditions and you want reach your desired temperature quickly.

Reason offers one of the best inverter AC’s in Pakistan. You can operate them with both remote control and Mevris application using your smartphone. You can also monitor temperature, energy-saving options, and many other features using the Mevirs app.

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