COVID-19 Relief Offer: Reason Rises up to the Challenge with Up to 30% OFF

COVID-19 Relief Offer: Reason Rises up to the Challenge with Up to 30% OFF

COVID-19 Relief Offer: Reason to Rise up to the Challenge with Unmatched Prices for Customer’s Ease:

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has shaken the everyone to their core. The transmissible disease has caused the world to shut down. While the lock is down in Pakistan and the rest of the world is a good preventive measure, it has had dire consequences for the general population. With the summer season right around the corner, the consumers are faced with dread due to the inability to buy the products that they need.

With this in mind, Reason has decided to launch its COVID-19 Relief Offer. The motivation behind the offer is to help the consumers purchase essential appliances, whether small or large, at a discounted rate. The offer will be live on the online store/website for the brand and will last till the lock down situation does.

Reason by Orient is a D2C brand that has rose to fame because of their premium quality and cost-effective appliances. The brand has been able to offer incredible deals and prices to consumers directly as it has eliminated all dealers and third-parties. Customer care and facilitation has always been Reason’s motto and now, when the people need special services, the brand is all set to deliver!

As for product deliveries, Reason will be delivering all around the country within 2 to 8 days, depending on the location. For large metropolitan cities, the delivery service is function right now but other customers from other locations might need to wait a few days to receive their package.

Customers should hurry to place their orders as the stock is limited and orders will be confirmed on ‘first come, first served’ basis. Preference will be given to customers that will be able to pre-pay through the various available options.

What’s on Sale?

Why choose when you can have everything? All the products are on sale! Whether you need small domestic products, kitchen appliances, LED TV’s or a Smart Air Conditioner, Reason has got you covered. All products are on sale for up to 30% OFF now!

It is crucial to keep in mind that the sale will last only until the lock down does. Once it is lifted, all the prices will straightaway be reverted so it is important that the customers rush to secure their orders before the limited stock runs out!

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