5 Signs You Should Invest in an Inverter Air Conditioner

5 Signs You Should Invest in an Inverter Air Conditioner

Telltale Signs that It’s Time to Replace your Air Conditioner

Air Conditioners are one of the few appliances that you heavily depend on, especially during the hot summer season in Pakistan. The feeling that you can no longer rely on your air conditioner is a dreadful one but, it is far less dreadful than if your air conditioner gives up during the peak summer season.

There are a few common signs that can help you realize that your air conditioner needs to be replaced soon. Maybe you’ve noticed that it is not cooling as well as it used to? Or, that the running cost is not as efficient as it once was? While there are number of factors that impact the running of the air conditioner, a well-serviced air conditioner can last a very long time. Mentioned below are some of the signs that you need to look out for.

1- Air Conditioner Blowing Air that is Inconsistent with the Settings

    One of the first and most noticeable signs of there being something wrong with the air conditioner is the inconsistent working of the unit. If the air conditioner is not blowing cold air as it used to, the problem might be with the refrigerant levels of your air conditioner. Low refrigerant levels can affect the cooling of the air conditioner but if the air conditioner starts blowing hot air when it is set to the cold temperature, the compressor might be damaged.

    ac air blowing

    It is important to access the working of your air conditioner as soon as you feel that there are any problems. The first step is to investigate and inspect the filters, coil, condenser, and evaporator. If the problem seems to be uncommon, be prepared to replace the air conditioner.

    2- Your Electricity Bills are Through the Roof

    expensive bills

    While traditional air conditioner normally consumes a lot more energy than inverters, if you see a sudden spike in your electricity bills, the air conditioner might be at fault. The first step when you see a sudden spike on the bill is to perform an energy audit and see if there could have been any other reasons for the spike. If not, the air conditioner might be overworking to achieve your desired temperature. This extra work is showing on the electricity bill. Try getting the air conditioner serviced and cleaned but if nothing works, it’s time that you invest in an efficient inverter air conditioner.

    3- Your Air Conditioner Needs to be Repaired Frequently

    ac stop working

    If your air conditioner is suddenly giving you a lot of trouble and you now have the technician's phone number memorized, it’s time to figure out if the money you’re spending on the repairs are worth it or not. With your air conditioner misbehaving, you need to evaluate the costs of the repairs and see if buying an air conditioner online is the better option, both cost, and convenience-wise.

    4- Difficulty Turning the Unit On & Off

      If you are having difficulties turning the unit on and if it turns off by itself at the most random times, it is possible that the unit is malfunctioning. The frequent turning on and off could be due to the unit's short cycling. This turning on and off puts extra stress on the air conditioner and may make it fail completely if overlooked. With any luck, the problem may be a blown fuse but if not, look into Reason Air Conditioner as a reliable replacement.

      2- Air Conditioner is Making Strange Noise

      ac making noise

      An air conditioner is supposed to work silently. Reason Air Conditioner provides a 50 times quieter function than any other unit in the market. If your old air conditioner suddenly starts producing a lot of weird sounds and noise, it’s time to look closely. Small noises might just indicate some repairs that are needed but if the sound is anything close to screeching, rattling, or grinding, the air conditioner might be signaling its retirement.

      These are just five signs that you need to replace your old air conditioner with Reason Air Conditioner especially if you plan to buy air conditioner online. There may be other signs such as leaks, extra moisture, and strange smells as well. It is always wise to keep a close eye on the behavior of the air conditioner to be able to act on time!

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