5 Reasons why you should buy DC Inverter AC

5 Reasons why you should buy DC Inverter AC

Advantages of a DC Inverter AC

If you are looking to change or buy a new air conditioner for your house this summer, you need to take a close look at the latest technology in air conditioners and buy a DC Inverter AC online. DC Inverter AC is the latest technology in Air Conditioners and has grown increasingly popular for all the advantages that they afford.

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How is it Different?

Inverter technology is designed in such a way that it 30-50 percent of the energy over a non-DC air conditioner. To understand easily, the inverter technology works like an accelerator in a vehicle. When required, the compressor provides more power and vice versa. In this way, the compressor is always on but the amount of power and energy consumption varies according to the need.

What are the Benefits?

Along with energy-saving, a DC Inverter AC like the Reason air conditioner also comes with many added benefits for the user.

1- Eco-friendliness

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One of the most important benefits of inverter air conditioners is that they are very Eco-friendly. With varying speeds, the condenser runs only when needed. This is why inverters are much friendlier to the environment as compared to non-inverters as the consumed current is low while the output is much better than the traditional air conditioner.

2- Reduced Financial Burden

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Due to the low running costs and features like self-diagnostics and auto-clean, as in the Reason Air Conditioner, the financial burden is greatly reduced. The energy-saving ability of the air conditioner also contributes to the reduced costs incurred on the electricity bills.

3- Noise-free Working

The compressor of the AC does not turn on and off repeatedly but keeps working at a slow pace throughout. This reduces the amount of noise that a traditional air conditioner makes every time the compressor turns on. Reason Air Conditioner, on the other hand, is quieter by 50% than all the other inverters making its operation almost soundless.

4- Durability/ Long-Life

The efficient heating and cooling of the air conditioner are further accompanied by the long life of the air conditioner. Due to the compressor and the air conditioner working less as compared to a traditional air conditioner, the unit experiences less wear and tear. This results in the air conditioner and the compressor lasting longer.

5- Smart Features

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Inverter air conditioners now come with many new and different features, apart from the efficiency. Noise cancellation, 4D air-throw, ionizers, and air purification are just some of the features in the Reason air conditioner. Similarly, most of the DC Inverter AC’s are equipped with some other smart features as well.


The Best DC Inverter AC in Pakistan

Orient Group, being the Pioneer of Japanese & European technology-based DC Inverter ACs in Pakistan, takes air conditioning to an all-new level. They offer a perfect blend of the most advanced technology and ultimate sophistication to provide optimum cooling/heating during all seasons. Reason Air Conditioners are a testament to that claim. Looking at all the advantages, it will not be presumptuous to state that Reason Air Conditioners may just be the best choice if you plan to buy a DC Inverter AC online.

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