10 Tips You Need To Know Before Purchasing LED TV

10 Tips You Need To Know Before Purchasing LED TV

Purchasing LED TV is tricky and technical, customers can make a list of requirements which they want in any LED TV but still this is possible that one feature is available yet other is not! Now for making your purchase complete you need to know the significant features or the characteristics which are important when you are trying our new technology and spending money on purchasing the new LED TV. Following are 10 tips which you need to know before you go for purchasing LED TV for your place.

1.     Smart LED TV

When you are shopping electronics, no doubt look matters a lot, as well as the feature collection in that device or the home appliance does! While you shop for the LED Tv you can go for selecting the one with the smart features included in it. For example, internet connection and apps. These matter a lot because they are the cause of interest for the whole family. Even if you are purchasing LED for your room go for the one with the smartest features.

2.     OTT (over the top)

Well this term simply reflects the addition streaming services just like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. If you are a Hollywood series lover or love to watch variety of international shows, then purchase the LED TV which offers you the diverse TV shows.

3.     Check for the Refresh Rate

Don’t settle less than the refresh rate of 102 Hz although 240 Hz and 360 Hz are excellent. This is the mechanism-oriented feature which will be built according to the functionality of the LED TV.

4.     Size of the Room

Most of the people don’t know that the watch experience could only get better if you arrange your seating with the LED Tv. Here is the figurative size chart for the LED Tv you want to purchase.


Viewing Distance

Recommended TV Size

6-8 ft.




8-11 ft.




11-13 ft.




13- 15 ft.




15 ft. or over





5.     LCD or LED?

Now this is a huge question! Which television you have to prefer for your place. This question could be answered very easily, if you are looking for LCD then keep in mind that High quality, expensive LCD TV  is equal to a low-quality LED yet LED gives you more variety of colors. Its totally up to you how advanced you want your television to be.

6.     HDR

Once you will watch the graphic result of HDR, you won’t be able to rely on your old LED TV. This is a very magnetic feature which provides best resolution and high-quality real effect on the LED TV. Make sure if you like watch real life graphics choose the LED TV with the HDR.

7.     4K result

Most of the people are purchasing new LED TV because they want to attach the gaming consoles and play the Xbox or play station in the best resolution and real-life experience. This is the reason why they need to understand that the best experience could be attained from the 4K picture quality result. So, try to choose the LED Tv with the 4K picture quality.

8.     BEZEL

Bezel is just like the frame to your LED TV. This is a very difficult subject but you need to take care of one thing, if you are spending money for purchasing a new Led Tv. Try to purchase the one with the thinnest bezel.

9.     Contrast Ratio

You need to keep one thing in mind that when you are purchasing the LED TV, you need to keep in mind that it is an investment. This means you need to have the best contrast ration as well. The higher contrast ratio, the better image result.

10. Sound Bar

Inbuilt sound bar has to be your first priority. This means that the sound should be clearer. Most pf the people have to purchase a separate sound buffers, which is not acceptable when you are already spending a huge amount. Make sure that the Dolby sound system and the sound bar is inbuilt in LED Tv.

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