Air Fryer Berry 2400W Touch - RS-AF1001

Rs.30,000 Rs.19,499

BE Automation ControL Kit

Rs.9,999 Rs.8,998

Blender Carom 3in1 White RS-B1010

Rs.6,200 Rs.4,999

Bread 2 Slice 750W Sandwich Maker MJ-999

Rs.6,100 Rs.4,499

Charger Tesla Wireless Round RS-C1010

Rs.4,200 Rs.2,499

Chopper Baton 400W Dial RS-C3030

Rs.11,500 Rs.8,499

Chopper Crush 2 Silver RS-C2900

Rs.10,800 Rs.7,999

Data Cable Aero Lightning Red RS-D303

Rs.1,200 Rs.749

Data Cable Aero Micro BlueE RS-D301

Rs.1,200 Rs.699

Data Cable Aero TypeC Red RS-D302

Rs.1,200 Rs.749

Data Cable Aston 3in1 Fabric RS-D3600

Rs.1,500 Rs.899

Data Cable McLaren Lightning2 WB RS-D403

Rs.1,400 Rs.799

Data Cable McLaren Micro2 WB RS-D401

Rs.1,400 Rs.799

Data Cable McLaren TypeC2 WB RS-D402

Rs.1,400 Rs.799

Data Cable Veyron TypeC Black RS-D902

Rs.1,500 Rs.899

Digi Duo Lightning

Rs.3,200 Rs.0

Digi Duo Micro

Rs.3,200 Rs.0

Digi Duo Type C

Rs.3,200 Rs.0

Food Processor Plum 700W Black RS-F7010

Rs.18,000 Rs.13,999

Hair Curler Ringlet 360 Push - RS-HC501

Rs.9,000 Rs.5,499

Hair Dryer Blow 2400W Handle - RS-HD401

Rs.10,000 Rs.5,499

Hair Dryer Wave 1800W Fold - RS-HD402

Rs.7,000 Rs.4,499

Hair Straightener Afro Steam Slim - RS-HS301

Rs.13,000 Rs.6,999

Hair Straightener Bangs 450 Wide - RS-HS302

Rs.9,000 Rs.5,499

Hand Blender Stick Mace 700W Bar - RS-HBK801

Rs.10,000 Rs.6,999

Hand Blender/Mixer Basil 750W 2 in 1 RS-HBS701

Rs.13,000 Rs.8,999

Hand Blender/Mixer Vanilla 350W Round - RS-HM901

Rs.8,000 Rs.5,999

Headphone Dynamo 5 Plain - RS-HP201

Rs.5,600 Rs.3,199

Headphone Pitch 5 Multi - RS-HP202

Rs.6,500 Rs.3,699

Iron Marvin 6 White Silver RS-I7010

Rs.6,100 Rs.4,999

Iron Tyson 6 Black Gold RS-I7020

Rs.6,100 Rs.4,999

Juicer Pear 4in1 Glass RS-J5010

Rs.11,000 Rs.8,999

Leader 1 Ton Smart DC Inverter Air Conditioner


Leader 1.5 Ton Smart DC Inverter Air Conditioner


Luna Electric Switches 1-Gang White

Rs.3,999 Rs.2,998

Luna Electric Switches 2-Gang White

Rs.4,699 Rs.3,699

Luna Electric Switches 3-Gang White

Rs.4,999 Rs.3,999

Neckband Beat 5 Round -RS-NB101

Rs.7,000 Rs.4,199

Neckband Sonata 5 Square - RS-NB102

Rs.8,500 Rs.4,699

Sandwich Maker Bagel 2 Silver RS-C2900

Rs.6,100 Rs.4,999

Shaver/Trimmer Ceasar 800 Dial - RS-S/T602

Rs.11,000 Rs.5,499

Shaver/Trimmer Crew 800 Grip - RS-S/T601

Rs.9,000 Rs.5,499

Shaver/Trimmer Derma 7 in 1 Round - RS-S/T603

Rs.9,000 Rs.5,499

Stokes 3 White RS-C3000

Rs.2,499 Rs.1,199

Striker 39" Smart LED TV

Rs.46,999 Rs.35,998

Universal Plug

Rs.3,499 Rs.2,498

Wired Earbuds Harmony 14 White RS-H5530

Rs.900 Rs.499

Wired Earbuds Rhythm 18 Metal RS-H5590

Rs.1,700 Rs.999

Wireless Earbuds Bass 16 Square RS-A090

Rs.8,000 Rs.5,199

Wireless Earbuds Melody 14 Black RS-A120B

Rs.4,200 Rs.2,899

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