Reason: Best Energy Efficient Inverter For Home This Summer

Reason: Best Energy Efficient Inverter For Home This Summer

Best energy-efficient Inverter For home this summer.

With summers approaching fast and scorching heat ahead, you should consider buying an air conditioner if you have not yet purchased to keep yourself cool amid the hot season. But, before buying the air conditioner, we would like you to consider the most energy-efficient technology and cooling effectiveness in air conditioners along with ac price, which is equally relevant considering your budget.

Reason for your satisfaction

Reason by Orient is an emerging home appliances brand in Pakistan that offers a wide range of electronic products providing full customer satisfaction and conveniently enhancing living styles at very affordable prices. Reason offers one of the best quality air conditioners at economical prices in Pakistan with free delivery at your doorstep and installation.

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You can revolutionize your air conditioning experience with air conditioners from Reason which are equipped with the latest technology and smart features and provide the best solution for keeping your room's temperature chill in the summers in a noiseless way. They are perfect for your home this summer. Our air conditioners come in different cooling capacities. For rooms with less than 150 square foot, 1 ton AC would be ideal. Reason offers the best 1-ton ac price in Pakistan.

Nowadays, DC inverter technology in air conditioners is gaining popularity in Pakistan owing to lower energy consumption, higher efficiency and enabling reduced electricity bills in summer with the cooler environment.

The DC inverter AC works by controlling the speed of the compressor motor i.e. variable controlling speed. It can adjust the level of cooling depending on the temperature of the environment. It means when the desired temperature is achieved, it slows down the compressor speed and thus eliminates the wasted operations and save energy consumption.

Since it runs at a slower speed it is also quieter. The invertor for air conditioner converts the incoming AC current to DC through modulation and controls the speed of the motor. We have multiple air conditioners collection in 1-ton capacity offering unique and smart features as discussed below:

Pioneer 1 Ton DC Inverter Air Conditioner

Reason’s Pioneer 1 Ton DC inverter air conditioner comes with a price tag of Rs 56,999 only, which is quite economical as compared to other 1-ton ac price in Pakistan. This model comes with the following key specifications:

  • DC Inverter Technology
  • Lifetime compressor warranty
  • Compatible with UPS and generator
  • Low voltage operation
  • Gives a 4D Air Flow

As mentioned above, Reason offers a lifetime warranty of compressor which is by far the most expensive part of an air conditioner, which itself explains the quality. The AC offers 3 times faster cooling and cleaner air at the air delivery rate of 835 mph.

It also enables you to enjoy a sound sleep as the inverter ac is much more silent i.e. 50% quieter than any other DC air conditioner, operating at only 45 dB. It is also 1.5x more energy efficient with up to 85% energy saving capabilities. Reason is offering a 1-year warranty of parts and gas filling which is money saving considering inverter ac price in Pakistan.

Leader 1 Ton Smart DC Inverter Air Conditioner

With the biggest indoor unit and 4D airflow, Reason’s new Leader 1 Ton smart Inverter AC evenly throws cool air in the room. It has a current price tag of Rs. 62,999 only. The following key features make it an ideal ac in Pakistan for summers:

  • Bigger indoor unit for efficient functioning
  • 4D airflow for even air throw
  • Low voltage consumption to reduce your electricity bills
  • Up to 80% energy saving

Leader 1-ton ac’s bigger indoor unit keeps you cool all summer long with exceptional air throw making it equally good for spacious areas at your home i.e. lounges and drawing rooms. It is also a very quiet machine with a sound level of 44 dB only. Reason offers 10 years compressor warranty for this model and a 1-year warranty for parts and gas filling making it one of the most reliable home appliances brand in Pakistan.

It is also equipped with a smart feature that offers you complete control and the ability to track and save energy efficiently, resulting in reduced electricity bills.

Optima 1 Ton DC Inverter Air Conditioner (With built-in Wi-Fi Kit)

Optima 1 ton DC air conditioner is the Reason’s most in-demand air conditioner equipped with both heat and cool feature providing the best solution for keeping your room's temperature chill in the summers and warm in winters. Its prevalent price is Rs. 54,998 to 56,498 (with Wi-Fi kit) only. It comes with the following smart and latest features giving you one of the best room cooling experiences:

  • Inverter technology
  • Low voltage operation
  • Ideal for both hot and cold weather
  • Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

It is a two-in-one inverter for air conditioner with both features of heating and cooling and ideal for both summer and winter seasons. It provides 3 times more cooling and works 50% quieter and is one of the best eco-friendly and energy-efficient home appliances brands in Pakistan.

It also has a Wi-Fi kit and smart features which enables the ac to interact with the consumer and the unit itself. The consumer can interact with the unit via its application software, where you can remotely operate the AC and control the room temperature as well.

It can also be integrated with WhatsApp and Facebook and gives you cooling and cost predictions for better energy-saving options and also equipped with a self-diagnostic feature to let you know if there is something wrong.

Online shopping

Reason offers its customers convenience to deliver the air conditioners at the door step following all the COVID-19 SOPs during delivery and installation. You can do online shopping by visiting our website where you can also find inverter ac 1.5 ton along with a 1-ton ac collection.

online shopping

Once an order is placed, we will make sure its dispatch within 24 hours and also provide the facility of cash on delivery (COD). Our return and exchange policy is also very flexible in the sense you can exchange or return the order within 7 days. Further, we are providing free delivery and installation for the convenience and care of our customers.

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