Reason: Air Conditioner & DC inverter | Home Appliance

Reason: Air Conditioner & DC inverter | Home Appliance

Looking for a new Air Conditioner? Find Some Tips To Consider Before Buying One.

When it comes to purchasing a new AC in Pakistan for any room in your home, it often becomes a tiring and exhausting task. This is because one needs to go out in the market, from one shop to the other and look for the perfect dc inverter.

Reason; a subsidiary of Orient Group of Companies, has made this a stress-free process for its consumers with its D2C approach. We provide high-end quality products with the latest innovations in our electronics and home appliances, for the customer’s convenience.


As summers are approaching in Pakistan, it is the right time to decide which AC should be installed in rooms. Reason has an optimal range of DC inverter Air conditioners at affordable prices. It has got the latest models of 1 ton and 1.5 ton AC’s, in the range of Rs. 55,000 to 75,000 only. The 1 ton AC price will be rocketing high in the sky once the summer season will begin so you can purchase a new one with up to 11% discount on AC price on Reason’s official website.  

If you want to install a smart and efficient air conditioner, your first choice should be the Orient DC inverter model “Optima 1.5 Ton DC Inverter Air Conditioner with built-in WiFi Kit.” For this inverter ac price in Pakistan is originally Rs. 76,000, however, if you order this online, you can avail of the discounted AC price of Rs. 59,344. The key features of this smart Orient DC inverter AC are that its 3 times cooler, 50 times quieter and 85% energy efficient. You can also control this Orient air conditioner through your smartphone by installing its App, called Mevris.

Energy Efficient

Reason’s inverter AC is an energy-saving home appliance that runs in a low power consumption state and efficiently regulates the speed of its compressor. The compressor will run at full speed, once the room cooling reaches the desired level of temperature, then the compressor will turn off.

All air conditioners must be energy-efficient and ecofriendly like the “Optima 1 and 1.5 Ton DC Inverter Air Conditioners with built-in WiFi Kit” and the one without a WiFi kit as well. These models use low voltage for efficient usage of electricity and give better output in terms of cooling and being environmentally friendly as well.  These models are specially designed with a mechanism of working efficiently along with reduced consumption of electricity. Moreover, this air conditioner is extraordinarily energy efficient, so much so that it only uses one-fifth of the energy that an AC of any other brand in Pakistan consumes.   

Size and placement

It’s highly important to decide where you want to fix your air conditioner in the room. If you want to install a DC inverter for your room, the ideal point shall be near the bed. On the other hand, if you want to place it in your lounge, drawing or dining rooms, then it must be installed in a centrally located place so that the cooling spreads evenly. 

Therefore at Reason, where the 1 ton AC price is quite reasonable, these air conditioners are ideal for rooms that are smaller than 130 square feet. However, an inverter Ac 1.5-ton is better suited to ensure effective cooling for a room of 185 square feet.

Cooling and Airflow

If you are looking for an air conditioner that makes your room chilly in no time, then “Pioneer 1.5 Ton DC Inverter Air Conditioner” is a perfect choice. It provides cooling up to 3 times faster, at a rate of 835 mph you can now have a peaceful sleep at any time, as it is now 50 times quitter, operating at only 45 DB.


This model functioning at low voltage and having UPS compatibility, provides the consumer with a 4D airflow which ensures even cooling around the room.

Additional features

 The collection of competent Orient DC inverter AC at Reason makes it one of the leading and affordable home appliances brands across the nation. Another factor that one must consider when deciding which AC to buy is the additional smart features that the appliance comes with.


The smart WiFi kit that comes with the DC inverters means to allow the AC to be internet-powered. You just have to connect it with the MEVRIS app to control it via phone.

The collection of affordable smart DC inverters at Reason allows you to control the functions of the Air conditioner from a single touch on your smart phone’s screen. It has intelligent features such as Facebook and WhatsApp integration for you to chat with your AC on your phone. It also notifies the consumer with its self-diagnostic feature, if anything goes wrong with the AC. The cooling time and cost prediction is a salient feature that will predict the cost incurred during its consumption.

Other than these key features, you may also look for brand history, reviews, quality of service and so forth.

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