How to Clean your Sandwich Maker in Just 3 Easy Steps?

How to Clean your Sandwich Maker in Just 3 Easy Steps?

A sandwich maker is a useful kitchen appliance. It is a convenient way to make a perfectly toasted sandwich. Keeping the sandwich maker clean is the secret to its continued excellent performance. Cleaning a sandwich maker that has non-removable plates is an unnerving task. You have to make sure that you are only cleaning the plates and not flooding the entire sandwich maker with water.

Here are some useful tips you can use when cleaning your sandwich maker:

Stop! For the sake of your non-stick coating

This is one of the very first things to consider while you are cleaning your sandwich maker. Do not go after your appliance with any kind of chemicals, scrubbers, or rubbing pads. Using these methods to clean the non-stick plates would do some serious damage. If you have damaged the non-stick plates somehow, every time you make a sandwich, it would stick to the surface.

Clean your Sandwich Maker in 3 easy steps

Unplug it – Turn off and unplug your appliance. Then wipe it down with a moist cloth while the surface is still slightly warm to remove any crumbs and residue.

Use a Foamy Sponge – Take a foamy sponge or a piece of cloth soaked in soap. Squeeze it out to move excessive water. Carefully wipe the plates down with the sponge or cloth. Repeat the whole process if there is still food on the plates.

Use a Paper Towel or Dry Cloth – With a dry cloth wipe down the plates again to finish the cleaning. The clean the outside of your sandwich maker with a paper towel.

Warnings While Cleaning your Sandwich Maker

There are a few things you should NOT do while cleaning your sandwich maker. Here is a list of warnings while cleaning the sandwich maker:

  • Do not put sandwich makers into water or in a dishwasher. The water will damage the electric circuit.

  • Before you clean it, make sure it is unplugged and mildly warm. Otherwise, it can cause you serious injury.

  • Do no use any scrubs or metal wire.

These are just a few steps and warnings you should follow while cleaning your sandwich maker. Reason offers a complete range of kitchen appliances including sandwich makers at affordable prices with free shipping all across Pakistan.

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