How the Inverter AC Heater Works? Complete Guide

How the Inverter AC Heater Works? Complete Guide

How Can Your Air Conditioner Be a Heater?

If you are someone who wants to save both the cost and space at your home, it is in your best interest to get an air conditioner that works well in both seasons. An air conditioner that works well in both weather conditions saves not just money but also the overall household clutter. But, if you are wondering how the best inverter AC in Pakistan doubles up as a heater as well, we will help you understand.

What is ‘Heat Pump’?

A ‘heat pump’ is any device that is used to move the heat from one space to another. There are a number of heat pumps that you might be familiar with, namely the refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners. In all these devices, the thermostat is kept cool by moving the heat to another place outside of the space


In easy words, a heat pump is any device that can help the movement of heat from one location to another. It can be any device that can help provide both heating and cooling to the same space. In a practical sense, a heater in an air conditioner works in exactly the same way as the air conditioner when it cools. It is only that the cycle is reversed.

From an Air Conditioner to a Heater

 To completely understand how an air conditioner’s function can be reversed, it is important that you first review how an air conditioner works.

The refrigerant in an air conditioner is a gas. In the best DC inverter price in Pakistan, you will probably get R410 which is an eco-friendly gas. This refrigerant is compressed and it turns into a hot, high-pressure gas. The condenser is a long tube through which the refrigerant passes. The heat from the refrigerant is dissipated into the environment, usually with the help of a fan.

When the refrigerant has dissipated most of its heat, it turns back into a liquid before being passed through an expansion valve. The condenser is located in the outdoor unit which is located outside the house. Thus, all the heat stays outside the house.

This whole process of heat transfer can be reversed by just the addition of a single component- a reversing valve. When the air conditioner is in the heating mode, the reversing valve is flipped. This reverses the direction of the flow of the refrigerant. The hot condenser coils become the hot evaporator coils and instead of the hot air, the cold air is pumped out of the room through the system.

The Best Air Conditioner Price in Pakistan

Best Inverter Ac in Pakistan

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