How is Reason Air Conditioner offering Unbeatable Price to Consumers?

How is Reason Air Conditioner offering Unbeatable Price to Consumers?

Reason Air Conditioner: Everything to Know

Air conditioners have evolved and become very efficient with time, especially with the advent of inverter air conditioners. To understand how inverter air conditioners, save energy, and then the overall working cost, you’ll first have to understand how inverters work and save energy.

How does Inverter Air Conditioners work?

inverter technology work chart

In a traditional, fixed-speed air conditioner, the cooling is dependent on the working of the air conditioner. As the room reaches the temperature set on the air conditioner, the motor or compressor turns off. Once the temperature starts rising again, the motor starts all over again, consuming a lot of power.

In the inverter air conditioner, the compressor keeps running throughout and only changes speed as the set temperature is reached.

Reason Air Conditioner: Best Inverter AC in Pakistan

Reason 1.5 ton Inverter Ac

Reason air conditioner is the smartest in Pakistan, with its advanced technology that is designed to provide the best of convenience while keeping cost-effectiveness in mind.

How is it Different?

Unlike all the other inverter air conditioners, Reason is not touting false claims when it comes to both the energy-saving and the other features of the air conditioner.

The air conditioner provides three times faster cooling at the delivery rate of 835mph. With its 4D air throw system, the cold air is thrown at a wide distance and with amazing speed, cooling any room within minutes.

As with any other powerful air conditioner, the noise it generates is taken as a side effect and is well-expected. Reason, on the other hand, takes the cake here too. For such a low air conditioner price in Pakistan, the unit is fifty times quieter than any other air conditioner and operates at only 45 dB.

The most important thing that you look for when you buy air conditioner online is energy efficiency, especially when it is an inverter air conditioner. Reason is 1.5 times more energy-efficient than any other air conditioner and saves up to 85% energy!

Cost-Effectiveness of Reason Air Conditioner

After all these amazing features and the premium quality, if you are still wondering why Reason air conditioners are so cost-effective for the consumer, we have the answer for you.

Reason is a Direct to Consumer Brand (D2C). It is a subsidiary of Orient Group of Companies and is not just a brand but an experience. The motive of the brand is to provide customers with the best quality at the lowest prices. By eliminating the third-parties, Reason is trying to save both the customer’s time and efforts.

What is a D2C Brand?

D2C Business Model

Direct to Consumer Brands are based upon e-Commerce transactions between manufacturers and consumers. The purpose of these brands, like Reason, is to cut out ‘middlemen’. Reason comes with a number of advantages for the consumers:

  • The price point is affordable.

  • There is minimal reliance on retailers and

  • We understand the consumer demographic better and constantly work on improving their experiences.

With Reason, all these advantages are multiplied and a few others are added as well. This also is the advantage that makes Reason extremely cost-effective, both in terms of the working and the price of the unit.

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