6 Differences Between LCD TV and LED TV

6 Differences Between LCD TV and LED TV

LCD and LED TV are both inventions occurred by the revolution of technology in home appliances. With the design and the style most of the people might not be able to judge that whether the Television is LED TV or LCD TV, but with the proper definition and the mark differences you will be able to differentiate between these both.


LCD Tv or “liquid crystal display television” includes 2 layers of polarized gas through which the liquid crystals pass and block the light, performing a dual mechanism.  Although this mechanism is common between LED and LCD yet there are many other aspects which LED is offering including this one!


LED stands for “Light Emitting Diodes” The major difference between LED and LCD is that LCD includes fluorescent lights whereas, LED using those light emitting diodes. Placement of the lights is also different in LED and LCD, if we discuss the difference in the technical terms! The lights in LED TV are much thinner, which makes this television more smarted and advanced from LCD.

Difference Elaborated

Now, let’s compare the both technologies, so that you can conclude your choice, following are the 6 differences;

1.       Picture Quality

Most of the customers think that just because they are purchasing LED TV, which is introduced as a new reform, the result is going to be exclusive. This is the assumption, whereas, an LCD TV gives more greater picture quality as compared to a low-price LED! So, either purchase a LED with the high resolution or you can go for LCD TV as well.

2.       Display colors

The LED back lightening is clearer and more colorful than any LCD, this makes LED more efficient when it comes to the versatility of the colors.

3.       Contrast

More realistic contrast is shown in LED TV, there are so many contrasts including the black and white which are more prominently shown on LED TV as compared to the LCD TV.

4.       Frame

Of course, the shape and the frame of LCD Tv is much thicker as compared to the LED TV. The design and the frame of LED Tv are more unique and advanced than the LCD Tv.

5.       Power Consumption

The power consumption and the compatibility point go to the LED TV. These are compatible with the low power sources including the UPS, solar panel and generators. LED TVs are 20% to 30% more efficient than LCD.

6.       Price

Price of an LED is obviously higher than the LCD, because of the unique technology which makes it efficient enough to save the electricity. Yet the best part of the deal is that Reason offers you low rates and extraordinary high-end LED TVs. These LED TVs are manufactured with the imported quality. For high quality and cost effective LED TVs you can rely on Reason Electronics.
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